Mafic Basalt Fiber

About Mafic Basalt Fiber

  • Products using Mafic Basalt Fibers are less expensive, have longer lifespans and reduced environmental footprints.
  • Mafic Basalt Fiber is available as Direct Roving, Assembled Roving, Chopped Fiber, Fabric, Matt, Geogrid and other products.
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Currently Available Products

Products Specs
Direct Roving 150-600 tex
Assembled Roving 300 to 4800 tex
Filament Diameter 10 to 19 microns
Resin Compatibility Epoxy, VE, PE, PA, PU, PP

 Additional Compatibility Available Upon Request

Mechanical Properties Impregnated Strand

Test Method Unit Value
Tensile Strength ASTM D2343 MPa 3000 – 3400
Modulus ASTM D2343 GPa 86 – 90

Based of Tests with 240 to 600 tex roving

Sized (Non-Impregnated) Fiber

Unit Value
Tenacity cN/Tex >70

Based on direct draw strand

Data Sheets

Product Type Download
Mafic Basalt Assembled Roving TDS PDF IconMafic Assembled Roving TDS

(US) Mafic Roving SDS

Mafic Basalt Direct Roving TDS PDF IconMafic Direct Roving TDS
Mafic Basalt Roving SDS PDF IconMafic Roving SDS

(US) Mafic_Roving_SDS_v 1.2

Mafic Chopped Basalt Fiber SDS PDF Icon (EU) Mafic Chopped Fiber SDS
Mafic Chopped Basalt Fiber TDS PDF Icon Mafic Chopped Fiber TDS